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Looking for a professionally executed framing service? Look no further than Jay's Custom Framing & Trim. As a distinguished contractor, we guarantee top-tier framing services in Bowie, TX tailored to your needs. With a rich blend of experience, know-how, and dedication, we strive to provide construction services that stand unrivaled in quality and precision.

Our Services


This is the first and critical step in any framing construction project. Our service includes the erecting of the skeleton structure of the building. We handle the entire layout, from the initial design to the location of the walls, floors, and roof. The framing defines the parameter of each room, doorways, and windows. Our team of experts ensures that the entire framing process is executed in a stronghold, accurate, and secure manner. 


Our trimming services focus on the final touches that can amplify the overall aesthetics of your construction project. We specialize in interior and exterior trimming, which includes tasks such as installing decorative moldings, casings around doors, windows, baseboards, and even installing custom cabinetry or built-in furniture. Our skilled and experienced staff bring precision and attention to detail to create a perfect finished look.


Our remodeling services are designed to transform your existing space into a beautiful, functional, and efficient area to suit your needs and preferences. Whether it's renovating your old kitchen, sprucing up the bathroom, extending the living area, or giving your entire home a total overhaul, we can handle it. We value your ideas and aim to bring your vision to life using our skills and high-quality materials. A detailed plan will be provided before remodeling starts to ensure you're fully satisfied with the proposed changes. 


A deck adds a wonderful outdoor space for relaxation or entertainment purposes. Our deck service covers design, construction, and even renovation of existing structures. Whether you're looking for a simple, small platform or a large, elaborate one with multiple levels, our skilled team can design and build the deck of your dreams. Using high-quality, durable materials, we create beautiful, functional decks that add value to your home and enhance your outdoor living experience. 

Home Builder

Home Builder
As a professional home builder, we offer comprehensive services involving designing, constructing, and delivering quality residential projects. Each home we build is unique and custom-designed to fit the client's needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our team of professionals guides us through each step of the process, from site selection and design process to construction and finishing touches. We bring together innovation, craftsmanship, and a keen eye for detail to create a home that isn't just a building but a reflection of your dreams and aspirations. 

Perks of our services:

Our services bring a plethora of benefits to your project. Expertly executing metal and wood framing, we focus on structurally solid, aesthetically pleasing results that add worth to your property. As safety is one of our prime concerns, we ensure robust framing that can withstand different stress levels and loads. Flexibility is another key benefit of our service. Whether commercial framing for large construction projects or residential wood framing for quaint cottages, we adapt our methods according to your unique needs.

Our working process:

We meticulously conduct our framing procedures. Careful analysis of architectural designs followed by accurate measurements ensures the perfect fit. Our skilled team systematically prepares the area well in advance and uses only top-quality materials to guarantee durable and efficient framing. We use high-grade steel for metal framing, known for its exceptional strength and resistance. We hand-pick each timber for its superior quality and strength for framing, ensuring a sturdy and lasting framework. Our seasoned framing contractor team strictly adheres to safety regulations and the highest industry standards, resulting in excellence in construction.

Other Areas

Jay's Custom Framing & Trim‘s services are available in these places:

  • Sunset, TX;  
  • Bridgeport, TX; 
  • Nocona, TX; 
  • Alvord Town, TX;
  • Decatur, TX, and 50 miles radius coverage;

Ready to witness the transformation of your construction project? We invite you to get in touch so we can begin your framing journey together. Contact us at (940) 251-8198 in Bowie, TX now to learn more about how our exemplary services can benefit you.

Client Testimonials
by Julia Sharp on Jay's Custom Framing & Trim
Happy Client!

The framing service provided was outstanding. The work was done with care, and it was completed in a timely manner. The workers were friendly, prompt, and professional, and they did not leave the usual (for others) mess behind.

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